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We offer SELF-PUBLISHING or ASSISTED PUBLISHING to mobile devices in all the major app stores.

Self-Publish on iBooksPublish books on Google PlayPublish books on Amazon Kindle Publish books on Nook
(+ over 500 more Mobile App Stores worldwide!)

While other book publishers will publish your book within their app in the app store, our platform builds you your own unique mobile app (.apk File) with proven usability skins, showcasing each page of your work in a user friendly interface in the form of your own smartphone application.
You have full ownership of your new App enabling you to market and sell your content in hundreds of App stores worldwide! All in under 10 minutes!

Self-Publishing and Marketing Tools


Marketing and developmement tools for Self-Publishing and Marketing your short story on mobiles devices. Convert pdf to .apk and more!

Self-Published Authors


Convert a pdf to apk file. Self-Publish your book on, and make it available directly in mobile app stores around the world. All in under 10 minutes! Starting from $24.99

Self-Published Authors


Get the latest Self-Publishing News, Tips and Tricks, as well as loads of new ideas and forums to help you manage and promote your app listing.

Self-Published Authors


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Self-Published Authors


Publish your book on, and make it available directly in mobile app stores around the world. Our consultants carry out all the processing and even selling of your App in the selected App Stores

Self-Published Authors


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